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Take the next step in your Christian journey!

No matter your walk in life, there is a course just for you. These classes offer you concentrated, practical, Bible-based study in a number of areas. If you are looking to strengthen these areas of your life, learn more about the Christian doctrine and the bible, then you are in the right place!

The Christian Education Department provides quality discipleship programs that will help our members, our communities and the world grow their relationships with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

New Believers Classes

6 week session teaching the fundamentals of the Christian doctrine based on the Word of God.


New Members Classes

A 12 week session teaching the fundamentals of FHWC’s.


Advanced Discipleship Classes

Our goal is to fulfill the mandate of God by

  • Teaching the Body of Christ the principles of His Word.
  • Teaching the Body of Christ so they can be equipped to tell someone who doesn’t know The Lord.
  • Teach The Body of Christ to be efficient when dealing with issues.
  • Teach The Body of Christ how to be mature and wise when contending with our adversary, the devil.
  • Teach them how to live holy in an ungodly world.

We are excited to offer these new classes and we hope you are a part of them. See the course listings below and their description. Once you’ve selected a course, you can register online by using the Event Registration form under Events.


Course Description

Discovering the principles of faith and why Christians should have it. Why God does require faith? Faith vs. Doubt. This course aims to show us that faith is necessary and we need it to please God.

This course aims at inspiring students; giving them the courage to pray for the impossible and helping them find the persistence to see their prayers to completion.

This course aims at discovering the blessings of fasting. Why Jesus fasted in the wilderness. Why it’s necessary for obtaining victory in this day and age.

The Father seeks such to worship HIM in spirit and truth. We’re commanded to worship the Lord. This course is designed to get the saints back to the basics of worship.

This course helps us understand that meditation isn’t just an eastern religion but, a necessary discipline that all Christians should do. Meditation is knowing what God’s Word says, pondering on the scriptures and acting upon its precepts.