Becoming A Soldier In Christ

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce children, youth, teens and young adults to Jesus Christ in a manner that transforms their lives by encouraging them to develop a personal relationship with God, through prayer and a solid foundation of biblical truths.

Our Purpose

It is our belief that the Children Ministry of FHWC is dedicated in developing the character of children through the Word of God, and teaching the importance of obeying God’s word. We as teachers understand we have to be a living example of the bible. We use fun and creative lessons, games, and activities to keep children focused and excited to learn more! Our children will discover that they have to set an example for others in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12

Our Vision

To enrich the lives of all youth through the ministry of the Word of God, anointed fellowship, excitement, fun, drama. To declare the Kingdom of God to them in a level of their comprehension and in an environment that is functional and safe for all youth. All youth will be recipients of a motivating team to be successful in every area of their lives.

Who We Are

The inspiration for this ministry comes from II Timothy 2:3-4. The Apostle Paul writes to Timothy to understand what the Lord was trying to reveal to us through this piece of Scripture.  It is necessary to look at it in pieces as well as in its entirety

“You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please Him who enlisted him as a soldier.”

  • Provide the Youth with a ministry that they feel belongs to them and focuses primarily on their holistic needs.
  • Create an environment that will provide the Youth an opportunity to operate their God given gifts and use them for the glory of God
  • Provide activities, trips, outings, and events that will promote good christian fellowship and provide cultural experiences that say that Christians can enjoy life and have fun while serving God.
  • Use the B.A.S.I.C curriculum as the teaching tool during youth meetings.
  • Our focus is to stress the importance of Youth becoming conscious of the things of God and maintaining a right relationship with him.
    This will be accomplished through:  

      – The Youth share in their own awesome and dynamic worship experience through what is called Weekly Impartation Tracts. This serves as the Youth Church and provides them an opportunity to have their own service and experience God’s presence amongst themselves.

Children’s Church

FHWC help children understand the three persons of God, the trinity. God the Father, God the Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We motivate the children to go tell others about the gospel. Our desire is to see the lives of young people transformed by the word of God. The Children’s Ministry of FHWC is committed to the ideal of making a difference, and strives to support a legacy of faith, integrity, excellence and strength in diversity. Respect for the oral and written Word of God is a core value taught and learned; through study, fellowship, community involvement and artistic expression.

A place where infants to 2 year olds can come to have their needs meet while their parents can get spiritually feed through the word of God, without any distractions. Parents must provide all items needed to care for infants/toddlers. All teachers are CPR/First Aid certified. We offer snacks and beverages to the toddlers, we play activities, sing songs, and do arts and crafts.

Consist of the ages of 6 to 13. Kingdom Kidz meets every Sunday Morning during our worship Service. During this time, we take the necessary time to instill in our youth the word of God and Godly principles. Our lessons are filled with puzzles, games, skits, take home pages to study, crafts and most of all the word of God.

Children are a blessing from the Lord.  Our Children’s Church ministry is designed to provide children with an opportunity to worship God and to hear God’s Word taught in an engaging way while their parents are in the main Sunday Morning worship service.  We want to provide an environment in which children are safe and they are encouraged to worship God through singing, fun activities, and an age-appropriate, God-centered Bible lesson.