Making A Difference

We are an organization dedicated in making a difference in our community by recognizing the needs by employing a unique approach that accelerates the process of healing, change and growth for people in crisis as well as those who want to find meaning in life. Our goal is reaching the hurting in our community and helping them halt destructive, unhealthy patterns, and bring healing to broken relationships, wounded hearts and damaged lives through caring enough to be an agent of hope.
As each of us is keenly aware, our world has been very challenging these past few years. As each of us attempts to rise and meet the challenges of our everyday living, we are overwhelmed at times. I am certain that each of us has made the statement: “How do I get the help I need?” Does anyone care?” How will I make it through this day?”

It is quite easy to retreat and believe that no one cares and it is very easy to believe that there is no one who is willing to listen or assist. It is also easy to believe that you are all alone as you attempt to navigate the various paths of this life. Yet, we all know that “it takes a village to raise a child” and an entire community to create a “culture of care”. In a truly loving community one will find support for mind, body and spirit. At Harvest Community Development Corporation, we want to provide these things for the community in which we live and serve.

As such, we invite business owners, service providers, city leaders and skilled professionals to join us. In order to reap a bountiful harvest, we need the help of the entire community, to plant seeds of hope, water with an overflow of encouragement, weed out feelings of loneliness and fertilize with knowledge from all sources. With these resources in place, we undoubtedly will find more prosperous businesses, healthier individuals, stronger families, safer streets and an overall joy for living.

Harvest Community Development Corp.

“Moving Forward” to Continue to Provide for our Community!

Our Mission is to build strong families within our community, enhancing the quality of life for low and moderate income families through economic and community development, maintaining consistent collaboration with local business owners, corporation, financial institutions, schools, churches and governments agencies.

The Harvest Community Development Corporation has a commitment to provide a family-centered approach through interventional strategies. A Summer Camp program offers opportunities for youth to thrive in a supportive environment with mentors and counselors trained to nurture, educate and train.
HCDC will partner to assist with the needs of both local citizens and employers who require skilled labor by offering educational and skilled job training programs through partnerships with local technical community colleges and other workforce development programs that offers technology classes & GED, Leadership Skills Training, Career Counseling and job specific training.

Our Community Development program focuses on affordable housing for families and senior citizens. In our commitment to build sustainable neighbirhoods, we are dedicated to creating opportunities for home ownership through Housing Preservation, Multi-Family Housing, Senior Citizen Home Repair and Rehabilitation and First Time Home Buyers Workshops. The Community Outreach program provides ongoing assistance to families through the Food Pantry, Clothes Closet, Computer Donation Program, Toys for Tots, the School Supply Drive an donated goods including furniture and appliances are collected and given to families in need.

Harvest Child and Youth Development Center
• Harvest Christian Academy
• Harvest Christian Academy Before and After School Program
• Harvest Summer Camp
• Harvest Fest Celebration
• Harvest Fest B2B (Back to School)