Known by many as Pastor Ray, is a man of faith, wisdom and discernment. Through his strong belief in God’s Word, he passionately shares his vision of enabling others to experience a spiritual transformation. Knowing that God is the Ultimate Change Agent, Pastor Ray humbly allowed God to direct his steps after experiencing unbearable hardships in his life. Pastor Ray gives all glory to God, knowing that if Jesus had not become Lord and Savior of his life that he would not be here today. Pastor Ray demonstrates how life’s difficulties can be minimized when you allow the Lord to maximize your faith and worship in Him.

After being transformed by the Power of God, Pastor Ray was inspired to share the miraculous and incredible Word of God with others; thus, Faith Harvest Worship Center was founded in April 1999. Due to the wondrous works of the Holy Spirit and the heartfelt, biblical teachings of Pastor Ray, many have come to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Pastor Ray’s desire is for ordinary people to be empowered by God’s Word to do extraordinary feats. Not one to simply stand behind a pulpit and preach, Pastor Ray’s philosophy of teaching the Word involves a no-nonsense approach, as he enthusiastically engages his congregation to be enlightened and encouraged.

Pastor Ray is the loving husband of Letitia Williams and proud father of eight wonderfully gifted children. He has also recently received a second Master’s Degree in Christian Ministries. Pastor Ray’s willingness to share his “Blueprint to God’s Word,” teaches individuals that success in life is learned by those who want to gain further understanding through Bible study and fellowship among other Believers. Pastor Ray is a “planter of the seed” of God’s Word and invites you to watch how God grows you spirituality and develops you as a Christian.


Born in Detroit Michigan, and raised in Norfolk VA. First Lady Williams, affectionately known as Lady T, is a graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Delaware State College in 1991, and now has received her Master’s degree in Christian Ministry from Chesapeake Bible Seminary in 2013.

Lady T is the proud wife of Dr. Raymond D. Williams, Sr.’s founder of Faith Harvest Worship Center where he is the Senior Pastor and Headmaster of Harvest Christian Academy. Together they have four handsome young men, four beautiful young ladies, and six grandchildren. Lady T’s primary ministry is standing alongside Pastor Ray as support and being an encouragement as he fulfills each assignment God has called him to do. She love spending time with her family, continue to learn God’s Word, and she loves to laugh! God has brought tremendous joy into her life.

The Lord has shown her the vision of leading the women of FHWC into a deeper relationship with Christ. God has centered her around the most amazing women of God to be able to fulfill the vision that the Lord has given to her. Over the past two years, as First Lady, she has lead FHWC’s women’s ministry, L.I.F.T. (Ladies in Faith Together). God has allowed her to direct and present an annual conference for women, preparing them to identify their “Kingdom Fragrance”. She is so excited about what God is doing for the women of God through this conference with amazing praise & worship and life changing messages.

So, as she walks beside her husband, she is “Strategically Pursing Alignment!