“For God is a Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.”

– John 4:24

Pastoral Ministries

The Pastoral ministries are designed to help individuals to grow from a holistic approach by developing spirit, soul and body and by applying God’s principles to their individual lives that they may mature by the glory of God.

• Heart 2 Heart (Couples/Relationships)
• Ladies in Faith Together (LIFT)
• Men of Valor (Men)


Help Ministries

The Mission of the Ministry of Helps is to serve and encourage the Body of Christ. We are a mobile task force of believers who are dedicated and committed to serving the needs of FHWC, fellow Christians, the community and the mission field.

• Adjutant
• Facilities/Housekeeping
• First Impressions Greeters
• His Food
• Hospitality (Culinary)
• Media
• Outreach/Evangelism
• Security
• Transportation
• Ushers


Creative Arts Ministries

The Creative Arts Ministry is a ministry that ignites the atmosphere through praise and worship and ministers the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music, songs and performing arts.

• Anointed Praise (Young Adult)
• Glorious Praise (Adult)
• Musicians
• Praise & Worship Team
• Spoken Word/Poetry
• Voices of Faith (Choir)
• Youth Dance


Discipleship  Ministries

Our purpose is discipling, mentoring and equipping the Body of Christ. 
Our goal is to fulfill the mandate of God by teaching the Body of Christ the principles of His Word. Teach the Body of Christ so they can be equipped to tell someone who doesn’t know The Lord. Teach The Body of Christ to be efficient when dealing with issues and how to be mature and wise when contending with our adversary; the devil. 

• Christian Education
• Mentorship
• Pastoral Care Ministry
• Prayer


Our Progress 


Increase in members each year!

New Members joining a ministry each month!

Increase in education courses each year!

Saved souls each month!